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RapidWeaver is an amazingly powerful web design tool, and part of that power comes from its use of themes, sometimes also called web templates.

Eventually there comes a time when you want to change some aspect of the RapidWeaver themes you’re using, but none of the built-in options for that theme allow you to do so.

This is where adding custom CSS code to a particular RapidWeaver page can help get the job done for you, but what if you don’t know how to add custom CSS to RapidWeaver, or even what CSS is?

This is such a common issue for so many RapidWeaver users all over the world, that we decided to make a free series of CSS tutorials geared specifically for customizing RapidWeaver themes. Enjoy~!

RapidWeaver CSS Tutorials - Tools Introduction

Troubleshooting Video Coming Soon!

This site is the brainchild of Jonathan Head from NimbleHost.com – a professional developer of great RapidWeaver themes and plugins. Visit the NimbleHost website for more info on RapidWeaver themes and plugins designed to help make your web design life easier.

If you’re looking for more premium, in-depth video tutorials for RapidWeaver, be sure to check RapidWeaver Classroom.

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